Unleash the power of the universe...

Become the force of nature you were born to be...

If you're a creative soul who wants to share words, written or spoken, with the world, this course will remove all writers/speakers blocks and get you flowing from your soul like you came to Earth to do!

Do you feel a calling to create? Do you have big dreams you've been burying deep down inside because you don't know how to bring them to life?

This used to me. Then, I learned how to let the universe flow through me. But it took me years to figure it out....

Hi, I'm Erin! I’m a Bestselling Spiritual Awakening Author & Quantum Energy Master, but... my life wasn't always like this...


I wasn't born with my intuition turned on....so I spent the first thirty years of my life lost and confused, feeling like everyone else had it figured out and the best I could do was to pretend to be like them.


I didn't believe in myself and after a lifetime of bullying, my self confidence was no where to be found.

I finally got fed up and went on a quest for more. After eleven years spent growing my confidence and clarity in my inner guidance, I know how frustrating it can be to move forward and take action when you’re just not sure how, there’s no real path, and everyone seems to have different advice about what worked for them.


Now I help people just like you, who feel a calling to make an impact in the world, connect to the magic WITHIN.

I've created Flow From Your Soul. Because you have a unique soul mission and to share it with the world, and even figure out what the heck your mission actually is, you need to learn to unleash your soul. To let the words flow out of you effortlessly.

I'm here to show you EXACTLY how to flow from your soul. That magical place that writers, artists and speakers dream of. In fact, this can be used in any creative endeavor, and should be.

I'm creating this course because I'm being called to. Because the world needs more creators who trust in the magic of their soul.

You're here, reading this page for a reason. Ask yourself, are you being called for more? More impact? More magic? More money coming from your soul calling? A feeling of being lit up every single day, on command, simply by allowing your soul to flow freely?

Flow is magic. But if you don't know how to get there, it's that place you visit once or twice in your life, and then spend years dreaming about returning to.

I used to dream about those few magical experiences in my past, longing for what had been.

But now that I know how to flow from my soul, I flow every single day, on command.

It's easy to flow once you know what to do - the hard part is figuring it out - and I've got you covered.

No bull. Nothing extra. You, me and flowing from the depth of your soul.


💛 Week 1 - RELEASE - A complete release of all the energetic and mental gunk that's blocking your divine soul from flowing effortlessly and intuitively every single day.

💛 Week 2 - FLOW - Receive the energetic and mental coding to flow from your soul and magnetize readers and listeners to you.

💛 Week 3 - BALANCE - Learn to speak to balance masculine and feminine in your soul flow, so you'll speak to your audience's most divine blueprint, lifting their vibration with every word they read or hear.

💛 Each weekly session includes:

A teaching session that's just under an hour.

Channeled PDF notes

An energy activation to activate flow and creative genius in your energy field

Simple weekly exercises to get your soul flowing and get you LIT UP FROM WITHIN


💛 Immediate access to all course materials upon purchase & lifetime access

Inside, you will learn EXACTLY how to write and speak from your soul, without fear and doubt of what others will think or who may judge you.

When you write and speak the words of your soul, you make an impact on the world and your energy attracts the right people to you. It's pure magic.

The world needs you, lit up from within, flowing from your soul 💜

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