I Am Energy Activation

Start Holding Light For Humanity As You Step Into Your Truth

Wondering what your next step is?

Wondering how to move past fear and doubt and into massive trust that you are supported by all that is?

For years, I felt the same way. Even after I understood that we are all God, and even after years of talking with I Am in my head, I was still afraid.

Until I did something that changed everything for me.

I activated my energy body. And then I did it again. And again. And again.

Because understanding something intellectually is NOT the same as feeling it deep inside.

Knowing is much different than understanding.

Imagine no longer feeling panic about what’s going on in the world. Imagine leaving fear and doubt behind as you step into trust and knowing.

Here’s what happens while you listen to this audio:

  • Just by listening, you’re calling in the spiritual world of universal mind to work through you (because you are God, if you’re not actively calling in spiritual world assistance, you’re blocking its flow). By listening, you’re giving your consent for I Am and beings of the highest vibration within universal mind in the spiritual world to begin working through you, activating and elevating your energetic footprint, for your highest good and for the highest good of humanity.

  • Your personal energetic footprint is transformed and you are moved onto the ascension timeline. You’re energetically elevated above the mass of humanity that is dragging the collective down with fear and doubt.

  • Your energetic body is activated to hold light for humanity. - You start expanding to hold huge amounts of light (ascension energy). Once activated, your ability to hold light becomes a million times stronger than a person in fear and doubt.

"After I read your book, accessed your free meditation, and then purchased both the activations I've felt more of a shift/ re-aligning/awakening than I ever have! Your book had me feeling inspired/energized/excited.. Then I did the activations.. and wow. Especially the second one (I Remember) I could feel my third eye opening up, I could feel the energy coming in, and I was communicating with I AM and my spirit guides and could feel my grandma who just passed away recently . I was in tears by the end, I even had to call my best friend to tell her about it! Then a few days later there was more proof that the 

activations were truly working because I went to a local farmers market where there was a crystal/ritual shop.. The owner happens to be a medium/clairvoyant.. and she right away came up and asked if I was going through an awakening!! She then confirmed that she believes I am, and that I had two spirit guides with me, who just came because I had welcomed them in, she said they were cheering for me and she communicated with them for like 30 minutes. And she sensed my grandma as well (She usually charges for her sessions, but said she couldn't ignore my guides) It was one of the most beautiful/profound spiritual moments."

-Darcy Lucero

I want to thank you for the beauty of your energy activations. I purchased the I Am activation and the I Am, I Remember.

I have listened to them morning and night since buying, both are so beautiful. Thank you! - Janette G.

This is an energy activation – it’s working on an energetic level, not on your mind - you don’t have to DO anything.

You can listen over and over, and this audio will always meet you exactly where you are, giving you exactly what you need to ascend to your truth.

At 14 minutes long, it’s been created to easily fit into your day.

Downloadable MP3

BONUS - Access to my Energy Basics Masterclass included

"I've read I AM, I CREATE, and purchased many of your energy activations. I am currently listening to the 3rd eye activation and I can feel my pineal gland vibrating when you make the sounds in the recording. What's interesting is I was taking Lugol's iodine to decalcify my pineal gland and I asked my inner guidance, should I be taking this? and I heard "no". So i was like, okay.... and of course I asked a couple more times because I was shocked at first. So then I said to my inner guidance, if I am not supposed to be taking this then bring into my reality what is for my highest good and I was lead to your activations. They are truly SO POWERFUL! It's only been 3 days and I am already noticing shifts in my reality. I also purchased your cord cutting and clearing activation and noticed BIG changes." - Jasmin A.


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