Whether you’ve been a reiki master for 30 years, or you’re brand new to energy work, you’re here because you KNOW deep within that there must be more available to you around energy.

More power.

More connection to the unseen realm.

More magic.

More abundance.

AND, you feel you’re being called…that this is part of your soul’s mission on Earth.

The problem is, there’s sooooo much information out there.

Reiki, hypnosis, shamanism, meditation, eft, nlp, quantum this, quantum that, etc., etc., etc.

I know some of these things have helped you and some didn't seem to do much. Either way, you're here because even though you've expanded from where you once were, you still feel like a hot mess a lot of the time.

This is a bit of a dirty secret you don't share because after all you've done, you SHOULD have your shit together, right?

And if you don't have it together, you definitely can't tell your family and friends who think you're nuts to be doing any of this to start with that you're not a blissful, serene being 24/7.

Two things you need to know:

#1 - It's all ok. You're human and you do NOT have to be perfect to be worthy of all that is.

#2 - They're doing it all wrong! These other modalities - they're not empowering you to be your sovereign God-self. They taught you to follow their rules and those rules boxed you in. Those rules blocked your inner genius and YOUR own UNIQUE GIFTS from dropping into the scene and blowing the lid off the whole operation.

This is how a typical certification program is created:

An amazing, empowered being feels a deep calling to make a difference in the world.

They search and search, learning from others who have gone before them. They spend years struggling themselves, until they discover the "secret" that no one else knew to tell them, but that once they figured out, made everything click into place in their life.

They start sharing this "secret" with their clients, whose lives also improve (although not as drastically as being #1's.)

They decide this is what they are here to share and sit down to write a long outline of how to get from point A (knowing nothing about this amazing new modality) to point Z (being a master of said modality).

People are drawn to being #1's energy and sign up in droves. Soon, everyone and their mother is talking about getting certified in this thing.

And to get certified, they have to follow all the rules. There's no freedom to move things around as their inner guidance calls to them, because they've been warned/taught that if they do that, it won't work. Step by step, remember?

But here's the thing NO ONE seems to know: This modality is being #1's soul mission and that's why it brought them bliss.

Anyone who learns this step by step method and then begins to practice it with clients is blocking their own unique gifts from dropping down onto the scene.


End of story.

All the beautiful beings who have been certified now begin to feel bitter (which they hide deep inside because they have bills to pay and clients to attract) because they thought having this certification was going to make them feel fulfilled as they lit up their lives and the lives of their clients, but the opposite happens. They feel like something is missing, because it is (*cough *cough soul mission anyone?)

But these beautiful beings don't know THAT'S why they're feeling bitter - they think it's because this certification works for everyone else but not for them. Yup - they think it's their fault and there's something wrong with them - which makes them feel even less magical and worthy of bringing through their own inner genius, completing the plugging up of the divine works of the universe.

Think about it - why did all these beautiful beings want to get certified in this modality? It's because they didn't believe fully in themselves and that THEY might have something magical to uncover and share with the world.

And when you're embarking on a new endeavor from that energy of believing someone else has all the magic (not you) and the best you can do is get them to tell you how they did it - you are (whether consciously or unconsciously) creating a situation where you're blocking your beautiful gifts and your unique soul mission.

This is WHY I was called to create a new template for modalities moving forward as we step into the new world:

YOU ARE GOD / SOURCE. All certifications and modalities that I am aware of do not come from that understanding (they see you as a human, which is a limited perspective) - so how the heck are they going to bring out your unique magic? How are they going to bring out the power that courses through your veins and is your BIRTHRIGHT?

Yep. They're not going to.

But I AM.

Hello, beautiful soul! I'm Erin.

I’m a Quantum Energy Master, Bestselling Spiritual Awakening Author & Ascension Guide. 


But... my life wasn't always like this!


I wasn't born with my spiritual gifts turned on....so I spent the first thirty years of my life lost and confused, feeling like everyone else had it figured out and the best I could do was to pretend to be like them and paste a smile on my face.

I didn't believe in myself and after a lifetime of bullying and cystic acne, my self confidence was no where to be found.


I finally got fed up with that life, and I went on a quest for more. After eleven years spent growing my confidence and clarity in my intuition and soul mission, I know how frustrating it can be to move forward and take action when you’re just not sure how, there’s no real path, and everyone seems to have different advice about what worked for them. 


Now I help REGULAR people connect to the unique magic INSIDE of themselves - bringing their soul gifts online.


I’ve worked with so many amazing souls who were completely unaware they were blocking their gifts from dropping into their life, and they all had one thing in common – like me, they had spent years believing that this sort of stuff works for other people, but it probably wouldn't work for them. 


They didn’t have the ability to live like the spiritual gurus (who never seem to have kids!) and jet off to Tibet for a year to learn from monks, or level up by wrestling tigers in Bali. It wasn’t practical for them to color their hair pink and tattoo their whole body to be “authentic".


The good news is, through myself and my clients, I’ve found that none of this is necessary – we just think it is. 


Instead, all you need to do is activate the right potentials in your energy field – and you can do this right in your living room, surrounded by piles of plastic toys and cereal crushed into the carpet.

And because I get that you're probably busy like me, I created Soul Mission: Activation Sequence so you don't even have to DO anything (no classes to watch, journal entries to write, exercises to do daily) - just come with an open mind, press play and give me 15 minutes. 

You are at a choice point:

Old world vs new world (and if you're wondering, the NWO is part of the old world choice point)

Fear vs knowing

Certification vs embodiment

Cookie cutter vs your unique gifts


The old world is crumbling.

Disclosure is imminent.

The old world is built on fear.

The new world is built on magic.

On energy.

On knowing.

On living your truth, fully and unapologetically.

You were born for this.

Are you ready?

You didn’t come here to play small.

You came to this world for big things.

To embody your unique gifts and mission.

But you came to a world that wasn’t ready for you in your power.

A world that taught you to play it small and safe.

A world that tried to beat your dreams out of you.

But you are not really from this world.

You are so much more than human, and so those dreams never really died. They beat inside of you, getting louder every day.

Calling you home to your truth, to your power, to your mission.

You were born in the old world, but are alive during this beautiful choice point.

Some will choose to stay small and stay in the old world, out of fear of change.

But there is a higher path - a higher choice available to you:

To step into your full power - to spread your wings - to fly as you leave the old world behind and step into the new.

This new world is being created right now, by the dreams and thoughts of lightworkers scattered all over our Earth and far beyond.

Not everyone will be ready for it, and that is ok.

We are all on our own journey, and all is unfolding in divine timing.

But if you are ready to answer the call of your soul and the beat of your heart, you do not have to do it alone anymore.

It’s my soul mission to get the truth about lightwork and the quantum field and who YOU really are into the hands, hearts and minds of every person who is ready to rise up to the level of their deepest soul mission.

Those people, like you, who feel a burning deep inside to stand up and take action.

Who know that we are all one.

Who know that the media is telling us lies, lies, lies.

Who know - who feel - that they came here for something big.

You don’t have to have all the answers. 

I don’t.

But I do know how to access the answers I need when I need them.

This is the magic inside Quantum Lightwork Academy


Past all your bullsh#t.

Past the limiting beliefs keeping you small.

Past all the reasons you can’t, all the ways it’s not safe, all the infinite ways you are sure you won’t be supported, past your past where things didn’t work out and we bulldoze right over the people in your life who don’t believe in you, your dreams and your idea - past all that stuff down so deep to your magical center, the core of who you really are and we bring that beautiful being of light to the surface.

From this higher dimensional, vibrational space, you naturally attract the people and things you need to further you on your soul mission.

Money, health, relationships go from being forced and a source of worry to being part of your natural flow.

You transition from “How can I get more? And “How can I do more” to “Oh, my f#cking goodness, I’m doing the damn thing!” A truly lit up, alive being of light who passes this joy for life on to everyone you touch.

You are here at the forefront of huge change to bring the light.

Ready to be a lightbringer of the new earth?

This is what being a LIGHTBRINGER looks like:

Becoming a MASTER of the quantum field. Not because I give you a certificate on a fancy piece of paper - I won’t - but because you know deep down in your core that you are a master and calling yourself anything else simply doesn’t align anymore.

You see, the people who say yes to Quantum Lightwork Academy won’t be vibrating at the same frequency a week from now, let alone 6 months from now. How you see yourself will be completely transformed. You will embody your higher self and your highest mission.

And by doing so, by living from this higher dimensional space, you will create a ripple effect that touches everything in your life and far beyond.

Quantum Lightwork Academy is simple. One class a week for 26 weeks, where I make the normally complicated topics of quantum field magic simple to understand, so that even a kindergartner could become a master.

Quantum Lightwork Academy is perfect for you, whether you've been a reiki master for 30 years or you're brand new to energy work. This is the path that will blast the door wide open on your connection to the quantum realm of magic and ancient knowledge.

When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to Week 1. Each week a new lesson and EXPANSIVE energy activation unlocks.

Each week's lesson builds on the previous week.

15-20 minutes of practice per day.

Lightwork coaches available to answer any questions you may have within 24 hours, M-F (excluding major U.S. holidays).

Everything you learn, you'll learn how to perform on both yourself and others. By the end of our 6 months together, you'll be able to confidently perform ADVANCED MASTER-level quantum lightwork on yourself, your family, your pets, your home and even clients, if you so choose.

Take a peek inside:

Opening Ceremony

Welcome to the magic!

Plus a Quantum Initiation Energy Activation to kickstart our journey together.

Week 1 - Shielding

Surround yourself with an impenetrable shield that negative energy can't get through.

Plus a Shielding Energy Activation.

Week 2 - Anchoring in Light

Draw energy up from the crystalline core of the Earth and down from your unique soul star within the quantum field, filling your body with the highest frequency light.

Plus an Anchoring Light Energy Activation.

Week 3 - Opening a Quantum Field

Learn, in simple to understand terms, exactly what the quantum field is, how to access it and how to create within it.

Plus a Quantum Field-Opening Energy Activation.

Week 4 - Beings of the Highest Vibration

Learn all about who your light teams, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and Arcturians actually are and how to work with them safely in the quantum.

Plus a Calling In Beings of the Highest Vibration Energy Activation.

Week 5 - Intentions

Learn how to use the power of your intentions to quantum shift whatever you’d like in all nows, for your highest good and the highest good of humanity.

Plus an Intention-Setting Energy Activation.

Week 6 - Lightwork on Others

Learn to safely perform Quantum Lightwork on family, friends, pets, your home and clients, if you choose. You'll also learn how to group many people / places / things together to perform lightwork on them all at once.

Plus a Calling in Others Energy Activation.

Week 7 - Clearing Commands

Learn how to clear all forms of negative, dark, dense energy from your field, including entities, ghosts, shadows – anything and everything that is not for your highest good.

Plus a Clearing Energy Activation.

Week 8 - Intuitive Clearing

Learn how to do a body scan to clear hidden layers of energetic, mental and physical densities.

Plus an Intuitive Clearing Energy Activation.

Week 9 - Resetting

Learn to use frequency, including light language and color rays, to return yourself to wholeness and remember who you really are.

Plus a Highest Frequency Energy Activation.

Week 10 - Heart Expansion

Your heart is your connection to God/Source within you. Learn to open and expand this pathway to your Godself.

With a Heart Expansion Energy Activaiton.

Week 11 - Expansions & Activations

Learn how to activate codes within your energy field, body and mind to create massive change for the better, for your expansion and ascension into higher dimensions on Earth.

Plus an Expansion Energy Activation.

Week 12 - Energy Centers

Learn about the energy centers within your body, including the chakras and why it's more powerful to work with your cells to create balance and flow.

Plus an Energy Center Activation.

Week 13 - Dark Energy Structures

Learn the basics of being a Lightwarrior, including how to remove from your energy field the dark energy structures off planet that created the matrix and feed off of humanity. You do NOT have to be a part of this system anymore!

Plus a Removing Dark Energy Structures Energy Activation.

Week 14 - Soul Star Coding & Higher Self Embodiment

Learn all about your higher self (your soul) vs your highest self (God/Source), and how to work with your SoulStar within the quantum field to create massive change and healing across all your soul's lifetimes.

With Higher Self Embodiment and SoulStar Clearing Energy Activation.

Week 15 - Quantum Leaping

Learn how to collapse the time between where you are now and where you are meant to be.

With a Quantum Leap Energy Activation.

Week 16 - Emerald Tablet Decoded

This changes EVERYTHING! Learn advanced-level Emerald Tablet secrets related to quantum lightwork that I downloaded using a new Emerald Tablet translation.

Plus a Wizard Code Energy Activation.

Week 17 - Calling in Soul Family

The simple secrets to calling your soul family (soul-aligned friends & partner) into your physical experience. If you feel alone, like no one else gets you, this is for you!

With a Calling in your Soul Family Energy Activation.

Week 18 - Manifesting

Learn how manifesting works within the quantum field and receive a download of codes that will enable you to do this type of lightwork over the next few weeks.

Plus a Manifesting Energy Activation.

Week 19 - Transmuting Dense Physical Energy

That HEAVY, dense feeling, like your body is full of lead weights and it's impossible to move...it's almost like you're picking up someone else's energy, right? Whether it's someone else's or yours from this or a previous life, learn how to move through it, fast!

Plus a Transmuting Dense Energy Activation.

Week 20 - Manifesting Lightwork

Learn quantum field lightwork techniques that will enable you to manifest your soul's desires quickly.

Plus a Manifest with Lightwork Energy Activation.

Week 21 - Aligned Action

Learn lightwork to move fear and doubt out so that you can take the aligned action you're being guided to.

Plus an Aligned Action Energy Activation.

Week 22 - Breathwork

There are so many choices when it comes to breathwork, that it can be overwhelming! In this class you'll receive advanced coding and understanding to make breathing in alignment with your divine self feel simple and as normal as... well, breathing!

With a Breathwork Energy Activation.

Week 23 - Creating a Blueprint

Learn how to create a blueprint for your creations that will be projected into physical reality.

Plus a Lock In Your Blueprint Energy Activation.

Week 24 - Becoming a Being of Light

Learn how to use the quantum field to travel to past lives and other times during your current incarnation to perform lightwork on yourself and others to make massive changes that create a ripple effect.

Plus a Traveling as a Being of Light Energy Activation.

Week 25 - How to Make Your Own Guided Energy Activation

Learn how to create energy activation recording that are just as powerful when listened to in the future as they are the moment you record them.

Plus an Activating Quantum Codes Energy Activation

Week 26 - Jumping Timelines

Learn how to use the quantum field to move from one timeline to another, accessing a higher timeline every day.

Plus a Jumping Timelines Energy Activation.

Closing Ceremony

This ceremony is a special, advanced download of ancient future knowledge and wisdom.

Plus an Ancient Wisdom Energy Activation.

PLUS 6 Bonus Master-Level Lessons

with Energy Activations

Bonus #1 - False Enlightenment

Learn about all the false-light matrix-created enlightenment templates that trap genuine seekers from finding their truth and how to move them out.

Plus a Removing False Enlightenment Templates Energy Activation.

Bonus #2 - Anchoring Memories

You know that feeling when life is divine, and you're tapped in and turned on? Learn how to anchor the feeling into your body through your memories.

Plus an Anchoring Memories Energy Activation.

Bonus #3 - Quantum Conversation

A deep, master-level understanding of how the quantum field operates, and how to use that knowledge to change your life.

Plus a Quantum Master Energy Activation

Bonus #4 - Quantum Exploration

Learn to explore safely within the quantum field. This is a bit like astral traveling and astral projection on steroids.

Plus a Quantum Exploration Energy Activation.

Bonus #5 - Soul Mission Mastery

Learn how to step into being the Master of your life and soul mission on Earth. Hint: this is much easier than you think!

Plus a Soul Mission Mastery Energy Activation.

Bonus #6 - Flow

Learn how to access the flow state, that magical place where you're a genius level creator and all is right, beautiful and loving with the world.

With a Flow Energy Activation.

Quantum Lightwork Academy

💜 Quantum Lightwork Academy - 6 months of prerecorded weekly classes with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 6 Bonus master-level prerecorded lessons with energy activations (Lifetime access)

One time payment - $2000

12 monthly payments - $200

Here's what students are saying:

Quantum Lightwork Academy

💜 Quantum Lightwork Academy - 6 months of prerecorded weekly classes with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 6 Bonus master-level prerecorded lessons with energy activations (Lifetime access)

One time payment - $2000

12 monthly payments - $200

Quantum Lightwork Academy

💜 Quantum Lightwork Academy - 6 months of prerecorded weekly classes with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 6 Bonus master-level prerecorded lessons with energy activations (Lifetime access)

One time payment - $2000

12 monthly payments - $200

Most importantly, this is all being learned from the lens of activating your own unique gifts and soul mission. In other words, I get you started, and you fly even higher than me.

That’s what’s been missing in our old world, where leaders keep a tight grip on what they’ve created for fear it will be stolen or altered beyond recognition. This is a huge difference that we will see in the new world – leaders empowering others to take what they’ve learned and improve it so it causes a constant ripple effect of change and good in the world.

With this information, you will be at the forefront of everything quantum. 90% of this material came directly from I Am and is being shared for the first time inside of Quantum Lightwork Academy.

More than all the quantum skills you’ll be learning and experiences you’ll be having – YOU are healing first and foremost, which gives you the CONFIDENCE to live your soul mission, thereby healing the world.

When I started my business:

·        I wanted to change the world.

·        I wanted to start a movement.

·        I wanted to impact millions of lives.

But soon after starting my business, I realized it was ME who had to go first.

“I” would have to change before my business would change the world, be a movement and impact millions.

This is where my journey really began.

And I’m so, so glad that chose to go on that journey, because it led me back inside, to that magical place within, to heal and to remember my truth, that I am a limitless being of light, and there is nothing that I cannot do.

So I KNOW that when you heal first, your soul mission pours out of you like a volcano that cannot be stopped.

Ready to erupt and spew forth with all the juiciness and magic that’s within?

Quantum Lightwork Academy

💜 Quantum Lightwork Academy - 6 months of prerecorded weekly classes with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 6 Bonus master-level prerecorded lessons with energy activations (Lifetime access)

One time payment - $2000

12 monthly payments - $200

I’m extremely proud of the energy products I create and I know anyone who buys them and listens to them will be thrilled with their experience.


That’s why I’m offering a 7 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the audios, I will refund your money within 7 days of your purchase.


I don't have a background in energy work - I'm not even sure what it is. Will I be able to do this?

This is truly a new type of energy work and connection to the quantum field so I start at the very beginning with the absolute basics. You're right on time!

I've been doing energy work for years. Am I too advanced for this?

With the light that is currently flooding into our planet, so much more is available to us in terms of energy and the quantum field than even a year or two ago. Everything is changing, and with it, how we view ourselves, our truth and the real magic energy accomplish is changing too. I promise, this course goes WAY beyond what you've learned and done before.

What is the difference between this and Soul Mission: Activation Sequence?

In Soul Mission: Activation Sequence, I perform the lightwork for you while you simply sit back and allow. Quantum Lightwork Academy is a 6 month program where you learn to perform the same quantum lightwork I use, yourself.

What is the difference between this and Lightworkers 101?

Lightworkers 101 is a powerful introductory course that will teach you to perform basic quantum energy work on yourself, your family and clients, if you choose to go that route.

QLA is a more in depth, full-full blown, six months immersive quantum field experience that goes far beyond learning how to do energy work. You will move from beginner to advanced-level energy master within this 6 month experience.

What can I expect from this course?

Quantum Lightwork Academy was recorded live in 2022 over the course of 6 months. I channeled the entire course and it is truly divine. You'll learn a practice more powerful than meditation, reiki, or anything else I'm aware of. You'll learn how to play in the quantum field as you step into your God-self.

I'm very busy. What if I don't have time to do the course now?

You receive immediate access to the first week upon purchase, and every week the next lesson will be unlocked. It's up to you when you start. You have all content + updates for life. Many students have gone through the program a second time already, because it is simply that life changing.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this course and believe in its magic 100%, However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with the program or whether you will choose to do the daily practice, so I can't guarantee results.

Do I get direct access to Erin?

Erin teaches all the weekly lessons and performs the weekly energy work, so you will be constantly immersed in the quantum field with her. However, Erin won't be available to answer your questions directly. You'll have 6 months of access to our lightwork coaches who will answer all your questions regarding the course material. There is no live direct access to Erin included.

Quantum Lightwork Academy

💜 Quantum Lightwork Academy - 6 months of prerecorded weekly classes with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 6 Bonus master-level prerecorded lessons with energy activations (Lifetime access)

One time payment - $2000

12 monthly payments - $200

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


These services are not intended to replace the care or guidance of a physician. Always consult your physician before changing anything. All information provided by Erin Werley, Madleo Publishing, LLC within these services, courses, classes, audios, emails, calls and any other communications (the “Services”) shall be considered by all parties to be explicitly for entertainment purposes only.