You don’t need to travel to a far off land to connect in with the mysteries of the universe. The ground under your feet is sacred, right where you are. The sky is yours, no matter where you’re standing. Your truth is inside you. And you, no matter who you are or what your life has been like up until this moment, can learn to channel wisdom from your God/Source-self and your guides. You can learn to bend energy, time and space with your mind.

You are not separate – you never have been. It’s all been an illusion. The illusion is shattering. It’s breaking. Every day, more energy is flooding into the matrix and waking us up to our limitless truth. We are immortals. You will never die. Fear is an illusion.

It’s time to wake up now, my love.

In the last few years, with light flooding into the planet, humanity has moved beyond candles, sage, spells, chakras, reiki, etc., etc., etc. We are the new humans and we deserve to learn how to wield energy from that place. The problem is, almost all teachers teaching energy work don’t seem to know this. They don’t understand it because they learned how to do energy work before the tremendous shifts the planet has gone through in the last few years.

That’s why Quantum Lightwork Academy is perfect for you, whether you’re a seasoned energy worker or you’re a complete beginner, you will learn the absolute, highest truth about your divine power and how to tap into it – without any of those “extras” that just confuse you, leave you feeling not good enough and honestly strip you of your power.

This work is so powerful that you can do it in a cell, strapped to a gurney, without being able to move your hands. All of that stuff you see out there is extra, and that extra stuff is like a chain around people’s legs dragging them away from their infinite power.

I want to support you as you step into your soul mission, and teaching you REAL quantum lightwork is the best way I can possibly do that.

Quantum Lightwork Academy 2022 Feedback

“I wanted to share something so incredible that happened this week!! 

We are in the process of moving to Florida in a few months, so I had to travel to house hunt. There was ONE house that was perfect and several that our family could make work. The house that was perfect was over budget, but we put in an offer (under asking) anyway. Our realtor told us there is no way that house would work out. Houses were going to bidding wars, and it was an incredible property. (yes, the inside was a little tacky, but the bones of this place are magical). 

Anyways, I brought a house into the field with my practice every day since. (*note: I also wanted that particular house so bad those first few days after making an offer that I realized I had to let it go. I knew that the house I AM has for our family would be this or better, even though I couldn’t see it yet)

We got the call two nights ago that our offer was accepted. My realtor couldn’t believe it and said, “The Universe was on your side for this.”

I just smiled. 

Total miracle. It makes me feel all giddy.”


I know I'm not your first stop. I know you've tried other modalities before you landed here (reiki, hypnosis, shamanism, meditation, eft, nlp, quantum this, quantum that, etc., etc., etc.)

I know some of these things have helped you and some didn't seem to do much. Either way, you're here because even though you've expanded from where you once were, you still feel like a hot mess a lot of the time.

This is a bit of a dirty secret you don't share because after all you've done, you SHOULD have your shit together, right?

And if you don't have it together, you definitely can't tell your family and friends who think you're nuts to be doing any of this to start with that you're not a blissful, serene being 24/7.

And even worse, if you're a practitioner, you DEFINITELY can't tell your clients that you're still searching, or how the heck will they ever trust you to do that thing you've convinced them is magic that you practice?

Two things:

#1 - It's all ok. You're human and you do NOT have to be perfect to be worthy of all that is.

#2 - They're doing it all wrong! These other modalities - they're not empowering you to be your sovereign God-self. They taught you to follow their rules and those rules boxed you in. Those rules blocked your inner genius and YOUR own UNIQUE GIFTS from dropping into the scene and blowing the lid off the whole operation.

This is how a typical certification program is created:

An amazing, empowered being feels a deep calling to make a difference in the world.

They search and search, learning from others who have gone before them. They spend years struggling themselves, until they discover the "secret" that no one else knew to tell them, but that once they figured out, made everything click into place in their life.

They start sharing this "secret" with their clients, whose lives also improve (although not as drastically as being #1's.)

They decide this is what they are here to share and sit down to write a long outline of how to get from point A (knowing nothing about this amazing new modality) to point Z (being a master of said modality).

People are drawn to being #1's energy and sign up in droves. Soon, everyone and their mother is talking about getting certified in this thing.

And to get certified, they have to follow all the rules. There's no freedom to move things around as their inner guidance calls to them, because they've been warned/taught that if they do that, it won't work. Step by step, remember?

But here's the thing NO ONE seems to know: This modality is being #1's soul mission and that's why it brought them bliss.

Anyone who learns this step by step method and then begins to practice it with clients is blocking their own unique gifts from dropping down onto the scene.


End of story.

All the beautiful beings who have been certified now begin to feel bitter (which they hide deep inside because they have bills to pay and clients to attract) because they thought having this certification was going to make them feel fulfilled as they lit up their lives and the lives of their clients, but the opposite happens. They feel like something is missing, because it is (*cough *cough soul mission anyone?)

But these beautiful beings don't know THAT'S why they're feeling bitter - they think it's because this certification works for everyone else but not for them. Yup - they think it's their fault and there's something wrong with them - which makes them feel even less magical and worthy of bringing through their own inner genius, completing the plugging up of the divine works of the universe.

Think about it - why did all these beautiful beings want to get certified in this modality? It's because they didn't believe fully in themselves and that THEY might have something magical to uncover and share with the world.

And when you're embarking on a new endeavor from that energy of believing someone else has all the magic (not you) and the best you can do is get them to tell you how they did it - you are (whether consciously or unconsciously) creating a situation where you're blocking your beautiful gifts and your unique soul mission.

Quantum Lightwork Academy 2022 Feedback

“This is the best way to manifest ever. Truly amazing Erin thank you.

I recently moved 4 hours north which meant closing my (very busy) massage practice....and starting all over from scratch. I was very nervous about starting over again as it has been many years since I have had to build from scratch. And the area I'm in now is rural so I was nervous it would take me longer to build here than in the city with a denser population to draw from. 

The timing of this video was perfect. I had just set my clinic opening date for Aug 2 and I was wanting to fill my calendar, especially for my first week.

That was the intention I set. I did the activation and later that day I did a post in a community FB I'm in for my neighborhood. My post absolutely blew up. I don't post on social much for my business so I was surprised at the traction it got. Lots of comments, reactions and shares.

Best of all my first week is now 98% full. I just have one more spot on the Friday to fill which I'm confident will happen.

Thanks Erin for sharing your magic.”

This is WHY I was called to create a new template for modalities moving forward as we step into the new world:

YOU ARE GOD / SOURCE. All certifications and modalities that I am aware of do not come from that understanding (they see you as a human, which is a limited perspective) - so how the heck are they going to bring out your unique magic? How are they going to bring out the power that courses through your veins and is your BIRTHRIGHT?

Yep. They're not going to.

But I AM.

Lightworkers 101 Feedback

“When I did other programs, I always had a half in/half out feeling. Because for each of them, it was unprogramming things.....but to reprogram other things. Their things. I just wanted to be deprogrammed period. Perhaps they intended that....but I never fully got that vibe from them like I do from you. It is as it goes: If you can teach things simply and directly, those things are known to you truly deeply and intimately.”

“Thank you for answering all my questions with great clarity. Today when I did opening and creating a field I felt like I went into another dimension it was very powerful. Blessings upon blessings to you!”

“Yesterday was magical or should I say sourceful. I had things happen like could not find phone, found it, placed a food pick order for family my order was not placed, went back and my order was free, purchasing an inexpensive cell phone plan for my father and found another one cheaper for him and me with the same company. Two days in I am enjoying the course and during the day I would like to remember to boost the light within the layers of the sphere. Bless you Erin this is awesome!

Quantum Lightwork Academy Feedback

“My husband is talking the 6 month program with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I can’t say it enough!! What an answer to prayer! He has been able to help me in times when I was in great need because of the things you taught him. You are wonderful and amazing and I’m eternally grateful.”

You are at a choice point:

Old world vs new world (and if you're wondering, the NWO is part of the old world choice point)

Fear vs knowing

Certification vs embodiment

Cookie cutter vs your unique gifts


The old world is crumbling.

Disclosure is imminent.

The old world is built on fear.

The new world is built on magic.

On energy.

On knowing.

On living your truth, fully and unapologetically.

You were born for this.

Are you ready?

Quantum Lightwork Academy Feedback

“When you launched Quantum Lightwork Academy, I was wavering, then the guidance came through so strongly that I signed up at that moment. From that moment forward, each day is a new beginning. I am shielding and clearing and let me tell you, that cord extraction and contract and vow destruction is pure gold. All of a sudden I am moving draining energies off of me and off of my animals and family. Returning to wholeness adds another dimension. Running through all of this you add the speed of everything working from the Quantum and the possibilities are endless.

Lastly, you tackled the subject I never thought I would be offered a handle on, dark entities. Your guidance from last Sunday finally gave me the tools to move my physical being to much cleaner higher level. 

I love how you stress this is Easy. Thanks to you I feel the rising optimism that this Can be done, we are able to change what darkness has done to Earth and to our lives.”

You didn’t come here to play small.

You came to this world for big things.

To embody your unique gifts and mission.

But you came to a world that wasn’t ready for you in your power.

A world that taught you to play it small and safe.

A world that tried to beat your dreams out of you.

But you are not really from this world.

You are so much more than human, and so those dreams never really died. They beat inside of you, getting louder every day.

Calling you home to your truth, to your power, to your mission.

You were born in the old world, but are alive during this beautiful choice point.

Some will choose to stay small and stay in the old world, out of fear of change.

But there is a higher path - a higher choice available to you:

To step into your full power - to spread your wings - to fly as you leave the old world behind and step into the new.

This new world is being created right now, by the dreams and thoughts of lightworkers scattered all over our Earth and far beyond.

Not everyone will be ready for it, and that is ok.

We are all on our own journey, and all is unfolding in divine timing.

But if you are ready to answer the call of your soul and the beat of your heart, you do not have to do it alone anymore.

It’s my soul mission to get the truth about lightwork and the quantum field and who YOU really are into the hands, hearts and minds of every person who is ready to rise up to the level of their deepest soul mission.

Those people, like you, who feel a burning deep inside to stand up and take action.

Who know that we are all one.

Who know that the media is telling us lies, lies, lies.

Who know - who feel - that they came here for something big.

You don’t have to have all the answers. 

I don’t.

But I do know how to access the answers I need when I need them.

This is the magic inside Quantum Lightwork Academy


Quantum Lightwork Academy Feedback

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible work you are doing and for how it has impacted my life. As I continue my work it is now impacting many others. I have referred two of my closest friends on similar path to your classes, and many more to your book. We laugh when we discuss how we go through our day to day lives now with ‘Erin in our heads’. Your work has us referring to our persona and our sovereignty and shielding and anchoring as part of our everyday language. We were watching the world unravel with a steadily increasing degree of horror and all of a sudden we are now being given the step by step process and the tools to rise above the chaos and to change what is underway. Your clarity and the simplicity of your message covers many years of intensive work and we are very grateful for the time and energy that you have saved us.  We are certain that I AM asked you to do this because he knew we were all taking Far too long to wake up. The message needed to be simplified or we were all going to miss the boat.”

Past all your bullshit.

Past the limiting beliefs keeping you small.

Past all the reasons you can’t, all the ways it’s not safe, all the infinite ways you are sure you won’t be supported, past your past where things didn’t work out and we bulldoze right over the people in your life who don’t believe in you, your dreams and your idea - past all that stuff down so deep to your magical center, the core of who you really are and we bring that beautiful being of light to the surface.

From this higher dimensional, vibrational space, you naturally attract the people and things you need to further you on your soul mission.

Money, health, relationships go from being forced and a source of worry to being part of your natural flow.

You transition from “How can I get more? And “How can I do more” to “Oh, my fucking goodness, I’m doing the damn thing!” A truly lit up, alive being of light who passes this joy for life on to everyone you touch.

You are here at the forefront of huge change to bring the light.

Ready to be a lightbringer of the new earth?

Lightworkers 101 Feedback

“I loved the class. Afterwards, I felt a deep sense of peace fill me. I know I am in the right place. Thank you for the work you do.”

“Wow!!! That was mighty powerful I REALLY felt that. Thank you.”

“Omggg I am vibrating all over. I just finished the video and wow. That was amazingly powerful. Thank you so much.”

“Erin, Thank you so much for this incredible session. I was most looking forward to intention week and it was more than I ever hoped for. Also thank you for the amazing activation.”

This is what being a LIGHTBRINGER looks like:

Becoming a MASTER of the quantum field. Not because I give you a certificate on a fancy piece of paper - I won’t - but because you know deep down in your core that you are a master and calling yourself anything else simply doesn’t align anymore.

You see, the people who say yes to Quantum Lightwork Academy won’t be vibrating at the same frequency a week from now, let alone 6 months from now. How you see yourself will be completely transformed. You will embody your higher self and your highest mission.

And by doing so, by living from this higher dimensional space, you will create a ripple effect that touches everything in your life and far beyond.

Quantum Lightwork Academy is pure magic.

I Am would download the topic and info for me to share about 20-30 minutes before class began.

The results people got were out of this world.

And every single session, I emphasized that this was only a loose framework to get you started - and that by knowing that, your unique gifts would start to drop in.

That's the real magic of the quantum. It brings dreams that your soul has been carrying for lifetimes through many different dimensions and experiences down into the physical for you to LIVE.

I AM 100% committed to bringing you the magic that no one else has the guts or knowledge to bring forward so that you will expand to ripple your own unique gifts and mission throughout the world - creating a cascade of lit up lightbringers, living up to their fullest, most fulfilled and aligned potentials.

Originally recorded live in 2021 and 2022, the Quantum Lightwork Academy recordings are quantum and as such, just as potent as the originals.

Each weekly session is between 60-90 minutes long and includes an energy activation.

Here's what you'll be learning, embodying and mastering in our 6 months together:

Opening Ceremony

Week 1

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17
Week 18
Week 19
Week 20
Week 21
Week 22
Week 23
Week 24
Week 25
Week 26
Closing Ceremony

PLUS 6 Bonus Master-Level Lessons

with Energy Activations

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

Bonus #5

Bonus #6

Most importantly, this is all being learned from the lens of activating your own unique gifts and soul mission. In other words, I get you started, and you fly even higher than me.

That’s what’s been missing in our old world, where leaders keep a tight grip on what they’ve created for fear it will be stolen or altered beyond recognition. This is a huge difference that we will see in the new world – leaders empowering others to take what they’ve learned and improve it so it causes a constant ripple effect of change and good in the world.

With this information, you will be at the forefront of everything quantum. 90% of this material came directly from I Am and is being shared for the first time inside of Quantum Lightwork Academy.

More than all the quantum skills you’ll be learning and experiences you’ll be having – YOU are healing first and foremost, which gives you the CONFIDENCE to live your soul mission, thereby healing the world.

Quantum Lightwork Academy

💜 Quantum Lightwork Academy - 6 months of prerecorded weekly classes with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 6 Bonus master-level prerecorded lessons with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 8 Monthly LIVE Q & A Calls with Erin

💜 Lots of love and support

One-Time Payment - $3333

12-monthly Payment - $333

Quantum Lightwork Academy Feedback

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We just finished our QLA class earlier today and WOW! So grateful for you, for showing up for yourself and being a mirror for us. The seeds you share are mind-blowing; however, feel so right and true.

If today, was the last day of QLA, you have exceeded my expectations and I would be 1,0000% satisfied with all aspects of the course. So grateful we get to share 3 more months with you and so excited for the future!”

When I started my business:

·        I wanted to change the world.

·        I wanted to start a movement.

·        I wanted to impact millions of lives.

But soon after starting my business, I realized it was ME who had to go first.

“I” would have to change before my business would change the world, be a movement and impact millions.

This is where my journey really began.

And I’m so, so glad that chose to go on that journey, because it led me back inside, to that magical place within, to heal and to remember my truth, that I am a limitless being of light, and there is nothing that I cannot do.

So I KNOW that when you heal first, your soul mission pours out of you like a volcano that cannot be stopped.

Ready to erupt and spew forth with all the juiciness and magic that’s within?

Lightworkers 101 Feedback


“So another incredible class, it just keeps exceeding my expectations and I am continually blown away by all of this! I just wanted to say that I usually close my eyes during the activations but felt the need to "peak" at the screen yesterday. And I could see a whole ton of light around the other students (please forgive me for not remembering your names! I was distracted by light, lol) I could also see them clearing and their faces were incredible to watch going through the transition. Thank you Erin - you and this class are the best!”

“Erin... what a wonderful gift that you are giving to this class... I just want to thank you for all this wonderful light I have been experiencing the last five weeks... for me it has been beautiful and perfect thank you again”

“This was amazing and so, so powerful!! You’ve cleared up so many mysteries about who these various beings are. There were moments while you were toning that I could hear a symphony of voices coming through you, or joining you. It was really magical!! Thank you so much, Erin!! You are such a gift to this universe.”

Quantum Energy Feedback

“Thank You Erin, I just loved this meditation. It was the best I ever had. I had tears of joy, happiness, and love.”

“I’m learning to release what no longer serves me with gratitude, to feel my energetic body and my energetic exchanges with others, and to live fully in the present with joy. I feel expansive and filled with light! I’m starting to feel energy in my hands and pulsating in my third eye and above my crown. I feel vibrant and it’s amazing!”

“I have had energy work before. I've been reiki attuned. Watched countless YouTube videos on popular healers and dealers of the spiritual world. But today was an incredible and real feeling. The moment the activation started playing my third eye started to pulse and vibrate. It burst with this beautiful purple color. Having Erin's activation opened my third eye to a level I didn't know was possible.”

 “What a super profound experience! Out of nowhere, my nose lifted into the air and started to draw the infinity symbol over and over again; it was something it just started doing; it wasn’t really to be controlled. Then my nose began to draw symbols. I have never drawn anything like this (with my nose!) but knew immediately that they were light codes. Then you said, “you are the one you have been waiting for.” And my eyes welled up. Now I am just feeling sort of peaceful and contemplative. Thank you again, Erin; this was absolutely beautiful."

Quantum Lightwork Academy

💜 Quantum Lightwork Academy - 6 months of prerecorded weekly classes with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 6 Bonus master-level prerecorded lessons with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 8 Monthly LIVE Q & A Calls with Erin

💜 Lots of love and support

One-Time Payment - $3333

12-monthly Payment - $333

Quantum Energy Feedback

 “Wow!! I feel energized and lifted! I had so many more experiences and feelings. I went to my 4 and 10 year old self and told her the things she needed to hear. And it’s all in perfect alignment! Tears of release and activation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!”

 “Wow, wow, wow. I am literally at a loss for words to explain what I felt. What an absolutely beautiful experience!!!! It seemed like the energy was dancing through me. At some point, I saw my relatives who have passed on. It was just for a brief moment and it was so beautiful + reassuring. My boyfriend also commented on how happy I looked afterward lol! I even gave him a bit of an electric shock when I touched him — I think it’s because my body still feels like it’s buzzing.”

Erin, I listened to the third eye activation! The concept of "activations" and "downloads" and "light codes" is still quite foreign to me as I am still in my early awakening stages, but what I felt during this activation was so powerful beyond words.”

“Thank you so much for this meditation, I am floating along so peacefully with your soft instruction, I feel wonderful. I especially loved the moment that I can ask to meet whoever I have been thinking of, I met my mother and we hugged and I am in tears of joy when I know she is there happy and safe! So grateful for you.”

Before I go, I want you to imagine this: Imagine never wondering about the big energy secrets all the experts have that you can't understand and have no way to tap into. Imagine becoming the person you dream of being. That's what you're signing up for here: Knowing. Trust. Flow.

Plus, as part of the course, you'll be receiving quantum attunements, activations, expansions, DNA upgrades, sacred geometry restructuring every week and much more.

You'll learn how to cut cords with the people and things that are no longer serving you.

You'll learn how to protect yourself from all forms of negative energy.

You'll learn how to anchor in light for yourself, your family and the collective.

You'll learn how to work with your uniquely assigned team of light beings (and what that even means!)

You'll be expanded as you learn to expand yourself.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at [email protected].

Quantum Lightwork Academy Feedback

“Probably this has been a hard year for a lot of people, but I will forever remember it as the year that things changed for me. That I finally got clarity and answers on things that I had been looking for for years. 

I feel different, and now I know things that I cannot come back from, which I guess is great. This morning guidance were not words, just an image of a path of light and the feeling that I am walking it, that this is my path, wherever it might take me. 

And most of all this new awareness is thanks to you, to your book and your teachings and for walking this path with me. So thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Quantum Lightwork Academy

💜 Quantum Lightwork Academy - 6 months of prerecorded weekly classes with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 6 Bonus master-level prerecorded lessons with energy activations (Lifetime access)

💜 8 Monthly LIVE Q & A Calls with Erin

💜 Lots of love and support

One-Time Payment - $3333

12-monthly Payment - $333

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


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